The content that makes up these classes was reviewed by groups of first-time expectant parents and a number of prenatal and parenting educators. All of them agreed - this is a wonderful, comprehensive resource for expectant parents!

For these expectant and new parents, it made a significant difference as to their readiness and confidence as they moved through their pregnancy, delivered their baby and ultimately prepared for the most important job they would ever have - becoming parents. The following testimonials come from those who participated:

"I was pregnant with my first child when took this program. It taught us a lot about having a baby, prenatal concerns, labor and delivery and post baby care of the baby, mother and father's roles. All of this was extremely beneficial.

Another benefit of this class was bonding with your spouse and all the work related to marriage not just baby. It was also nice to learn these things from a class as opposed to all the friends and relatives telling you what to do. This program covered much more than the other prenatal programs that just teach you how to breathe."

—Erin and James

"Before having our first child, my husband and I thought that becoming properly prepared for the big day, and days thereafter, was an important step towards becoming the kind of educated and well informed parents we wanted to be.

"Since my husband isn’t a big ‘reader’, I suggested taking a course but we quickly found that most courses being offered we not only expensive, but very compressed into 4 or 5 long sessions. These didn’t seem to fit well into our busy work schedules.

"Upon further investigation, we discovered numerous benefits to this program over others. Not only were the sessions easily accessible, and very comprehensive, but each session really fit our lifestyle and available time.

"The instructors and information provided were also above and beyond what we could have hoped for. We loved having the combination of a an experienced health care professional and a couple’s councilor on hand each session and the handouts, program and website lent themselves to all styles of learning. We were also really pleased to discover the care and thought that was put into the creation of our group which was made up of all first time parents expecting close to one another, a nice size, and involved both parents of a similar age bracket as us.

"Speaking on behalf of my husband and I, I can honestly say that we both feel really blessed that we were fortunate enough to find this program and all those involved with it. We really felt informed, prepared and supported both before and after the birth of our daughter. We’ve touted the virtues of this organization to many and would recommend that all soon-to-be parents take this course. As an educator myself, I really believe that knowledge & caring combined with experience, are what make for true success for children. I know that our daughter got the best possible start from us as new parents given that we took the time to get properly educated for her benefit. A big thanks to our instructors and to all those that made this program available to us. We really hope that programs such as these continue to be made available to any and all new parents!"

—Nicole and Trevor

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your guidance and input as leaders over the past few months. It has been a wonderful place to learn and become more informed about both the upcoming labor and delivery experience, as well as becoming parents. The topics addressed in the sessions spark great discussions between Wayne and me after the class ends, and it's great to feel that we're in this together as a couple and as well as part of a group of people going through the same thing."

—Jen and Wayne

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